The World's Most Intelligent Fluorescent-to-LED Lighting Retrofit Platform

       Traditional – Smart – Intelligent

iLumens is the most intelligent way to replace existing linear fluorescent tubes with LED. Our tech employs tubular LEDs (TLEDs) that are plug-and-play, dimmable (with standard ballasts), and integrate with iLumens latest sensors and controls – turning your space into an energy-efficient, people-focused experience.

The advantages of iLumens Intelligent LED lighting technology:

  • Easy
  • Fast!
  • Intuitive - no thought required!
  • Adaptable - can be made to work in any location.
  • Effective
  • Scalable
  • Deployable
  • Encrypted
  • Fixture-Agnostic
  • It solves specific, contextural, targeted problems.

For All Your Linear Lighting Spaces

Office Space

High-performance light for high-performance people at a fraction of the cost of new fixtures. Improve space value.

Schools & Universities

Optimize the learning environment without high retrofit or renovation costs.


Make your product and store look good without making your CAPEX look bad.

Military & Government

Ensure security. Meet codes and criteria. Optimize comfort. Maximize efficiency.

Warehouse & Manufacturing

Protect product. Increase efficiency. Reduce costs.

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